Gear …

Here’s the stuff I use and why. If you are interested in grabbing some of your own – you know the deal with the Amazon links. If you have something that works better for you, let me know!

The Thule DSLR backpack – lots of padding with adjustable compartments for your cameras and lenses. Features I like are a zippered laptop/tablet pocket, external storage for a tripod, and the generously sized front pocket. I like the storage section in the top of the pack – but while I used the pack as my only pack on an Iceland trip with a change of clothes in the top, the storage section is not sized for much more than an extra pair of pants or rain/snow gear.

The Canon 6D (Mark I). I love the camera. Pricey but excellent in low light and a great option if you, like me, want a full frame but aren’t looking to get into 5D territory. Now, with the Mark II available, the Mark I is a cost effective option for those wanting a full-frame experience.

A great all-purpose lens if you are going the full frame route.

I love this lens. The first real landscape lens I’ve had, so I am biased.

I have a love/hate relationship with this MeFoto tripod because it’s portability and compact size make me want it to do things it just cannot do. To get the compactness and lightweight design for a reasonable price, you know that you are going to miss some of the features you’d want on a non-travel tripod. If you do not expect this tripod to be something it is not – and understand that to get a super-sturdy tripod means another level of investment – this is a great option.

Neutral density filters are expensive and you can read volumes about the intricacies involved in manufacturing the glass and perfecting design to avoid all sorts of awful things that can happen to your photos. I got confused reading those things and bought these because they were cheap. I am happy with them.